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This vertical sundial was installed in memory of the 100th anniversary of the Camp (1915-2015)


How to read a sundial set to true solar time?

  • Traditionally, a sundial indicates true time and not the official time.
  • In summer, one hour must be added to the time indicated on the dial.
  • Every day of the year, 33 minutes are added. This is due to the fact that we are in a place in the time zone where we are 33 minutes out of true solar time; this is the longitude deviation.
  • The equation of time must also be taken into account, as the length of a day is not constant throughout the year. To do this, consult the table below, which shows us the minutes and seconds (average values) to be subtracted or added for the given day.

Table of average values

Days Jan. Febr. March April May June July Aug. Sept. Oct. Nov. Dec.
1 (+) 3’16" (+) 13'33" (+) 12'34" (+) 4’09" (-) 2’51" (-) 2'25" (+) 3'34" (+) 6'18" (+) 0'15" (-) 10'03" (-) 16'21" (-) 11'15"
5 (+) 5'07" (-1) 14'00" (+) 11'44" (+) 2'57" (-) 3’18" (-) 1'47" (+) 4’19" (+) 6'00" (-) 1’03" (-) 11’19" (-) 16'24" (-) 9’42"
10 (+) 7’16" (+) 14'17" (+) 10'32" (+) 1’32" (-) 3’39" (-) 0'52" (+) 5’08" (+) 5'25" (-) 2’45" (-) 12'45" (-) 16'08" (-) 7'33"
15 (+) 9’12" (+) 14'14" (+) 9'12" (+) 0’13" (-) 3'45" (+) 0'10" (+) 5'46" (+) 4'35" (-) 4'30" (-) 14'00" (-) 15'30" (-) 5’13"
20 (+) 10’51" (+) 13'53" (+) 7'46" (-) 0'56" (-) 3'37" (+) 1’15" (+) 6’13" (+) 3'33" (-) 6’16" (-) 15'01" (-) 14'32" (-) 2'47"
25 (+) 12'13" (+) 13'15" (+) 6'16" (-) 1'55" (-) 3’15" (+) 2'20" (+) 6'26" (+) 2’18" (-) 8’01" (-) 15'47" (-) 13'14" (-) 0'18"

What Time is it?

Winter Location Summer
Winter time / Summer time + 1 Hour
+ 33 Minutes Longitude difference in Vaumarcus + 33 Minutes
+ Equation of time Variation of the length of the time, to be readed in the table below + Equation of time

Example : First of August, 12h on the dial = 12h + 1h + 33 minutes + 6 minutes = 13:39

1 + 3' + 13' + 13' + 4’ - 3' - 2' + 4' + 6' 0' - 10’ - 16' - 11'
5 + 5’- + 14' + 12' + 3’ - 3’ - 2’ + 4’ + 6’ - 1' - 11' - 16' - 10’
10 + 7’ + 14' + 11' + 2’ - 4’ - 1' + 5’ + 5’ - 3' - 13' - 16' - 7’
15 + 9' + 14' + 9' 0' - 4' 0' + 6' + 5' - 5' - 14' - 15' - 5'
20 + 11' + 14' + 8' - 1' - 4' + 1' + 6' + 4' - 6' - 15' - 14' - 3'
25 + 12' + 13' + 6' - 2' - 3' + 2' + 6' + 2' - 8' - 16' - 13' 0'

Le Camp's latest news

  • Covid-19 : Le Camp is OPEN

    Covid-19 : Le Camp is OPEN

    The Camp is open again and complies with all the protection recommendations in front of Covid-19.

    The reception is back to its usual opening hours and we are at your disposal:

    • Phone : +41 32 836 26 36
    • E-mail : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    We look forward to welcoming you ... see you soon!

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  • New advantages for our guests thanks to the Pèdze Card

    New advantages for our guests thanks to the Pèdze Card

    New in Northern Vaud, the Pèdze Card (valid until 31 August 2021) is distributed by the Fondation Le Camp!

    You can now take advantage of the benefits offered by the Pèdze Card, this new tourist card which compiles numerous discounts.

    It was created by the association for the development of the north of Vaud and offers significant advantages to its users, notably for the following places :

    • Jumppark Yverdon
    • Thermal baths of Yvverdon
    • Y-plage (paddle rental)
    • Vallorbe caves
    • Karting in Vuiteboeuf
    • and much more!

    Are you a guest with us? Order your cards in advance (mail with the total number of persons): they will be waiting for you on your arrival to start your activities without delay!


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  • Halte Gourmande the 10th and 11th July 2021

    Halte Gourmande the 10th and 11th July 2021

    The Fondation Le Camp is proud to host the "Halte Gourmande" - this new edition of the "Ballade Gourmande du vignoble neuchâtelois" - on Saturday 10 and Sunday 11 July 2021.

    The aim of the gourmet walk is to discover the terroir of a region while travelling through it. 

    This year, due to sanitary restrictions, it will be a less sporty but just as gourmet stopover, which will take place at the Fondation Le Camp in Vaumarcus. On this convivial occasion, 6 food and wine pairings, all from regional producers, will be served to registered guests.

    Registrations are still open until Sunday 4 July 2021 at the following address: "Halte gourmande du vignoble neuchâtelois" - Edition 2021 - monbillet.ch"


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  • New date for the Tasting Dinner 26 June 2021

    New date for the Tasting Dinner 26 June 2021

    The Camp Foundation has changed the date of its Tasting Dinner to 26 June 2021: registration is now open !

    COVID 19 restrictions permitting, Le Camp Foundation is looking forward to introducing you to our new à la carte dishes and delicious wines from our winemaking partners.

    Available by registration only, this meal is an ideal opportunity for our guests to get together in a convivial manner and/or to determine the menu and drinks they wish to offer at their event at the Camp.

    Wine tasting: 17h30

    Discovery meal: 19h00

    Price for adults (including mineral water and coffee): CHF 45.00

    Price 16 years and under (incl. mineral water): CHF 30.00

    Registration until 16 June 2021

    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 032 836 26 36

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  • Work day to prepare the camp for the summer season

    Work day to prepare the camp for the summer season

    The Work Day is a very important day for the Camp Foundation, as it allows us to keep the facilities in good shape for our guests to enjoy.

    Twice a year, many members of the Works Committee and other volunteers come together to give the Camp Foundation a fresh start and look after its buildings and grounds.

    This spring, this convivial day, which also aims to bring people together and have a good time, will take place on 24 April 2021.

    A lot of maintenance work is planned, which will allow the Camp Foundation to be maintained at low cost but high quality during this rather uncertain period. This will be an opportunity to take care of our forest edge, where a fence needs to be removed, to improve the quality of the fence around the Passerelle building, to adapt the profile of the steps of our main building, or to give the Zwingli room a good lick of paint.

    All hands are welcome on this Work Day, and requests for participation can be forwarded to our This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., who will moderate them according to health restrictions. Of course, the COVID-19 measures will be observed and respected.  


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  • The 2021 Tasting Meal is reschedulded

    The 2021 Tasting Meal is reschedulded

    The 2021 Tasting Meal, originally scheduled for the 20th of February 2021, will be moved to March or April 2021.

    Due to the measures taken by the Federal Council with regard to the Corona virus, the Tasting Meal that we had planned for the 20th of February 2021 will unfortunately not be able to take place on that date.

    The aim of this meal is to introduce our future guests for the coming year as well as any interested gourmet to the dishes and novelties that we have à la carte, in order to help them in their menu planning or simply to spend a gourmet moment.

    The event will be rescheduled as soon as the health situation is more relaxed and will allow more people to gather, if possible before the start of the high season (May).

    The new date will be announced on our website as soon as it is known.

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  • Happy holiday season !

    Happy holiday season !

    Le Camp Foundation wishes everyone a happy holiday season


    A special year, very different from the others, full of uncertainties and difficulties to overcome.

    A year in which we had to constantly reinvent ourselves, find solutions, adapt, sometimes give up.

    As was the case with our Christmas Market 2020, which we regrettably had to cancel because of the health situation and the measures taken by the Confederation. And yet, what a wonderful enthusiasm this market has generated among the region's craftsmen and craftswomen! Le Camp Foundation was able to count on a very large and talented number of registrations from artisans who not only attended, but also showed a heart-warming enthusiasm. We look forward to planning an upcoming market and bringing them all together as soon as the location permits.

    While it has its share of challenges, 2020 was above all a magnificent year of mutual aid, both nationally and locally, during which Fondation Le Camp had the immense opportunity to (re)discover the solidarity of its hosts, as well as the generosity and support of its Friends and partners, whom it sincerely thanks.

    We therefore wish everyone a wonderful holiday season, a wonderful New Year's Eve and a healthy and happy start to 2021. Take care of each other, and all the best to everyone!


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  • Seminars and company meals with distance maintenance

    Seminars and company meals with distance maintenance

    Special Covid-19: Seminar and company meals in compliance with sanitary measures

    The Le Camp Foundation has been able to adapt to the various health restrictions that have affected Switzerland recently, following the evolution of the Covid-19 pandemic.

    On the strength of its experience and its protection concept, it is now able to accommodate groups of up to 40 people for full seminar days, while respecting the distances of 1m50.

    For this purpose, our conference rooms are installed as shown in the picture, with the chairs spaced 1m50 apart.

    During the meal, the participants in the seminar day are placed at both ends of a 1m90 long table, with the tables spaced 1m50 apart.

    Disinfectant is available throughout the day in all seminar rooms, which are themselves regularly disinfected.

    Lists of participants are obligatory and allow, if necessary, a very quick tracing.

    Wearing a mask is not obligatory within the same group of guests, but is strongly recommended.

    The Fondation Le Camp thus wishes to offer a quality solution, suitable for companies who wish to maintain their end-of-year meals or organise training or seminar days.


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  • Photoshooting Inspiration Wedding at Le Camp Foundation 

    Photoshooting Inspiration Wedding at Le Camp Foundation 

    On 22 August 2020, Le Camp Foundation was delighted to welcome its first "photoshooting - wedding inspiration" in the company of its favourite wedding providers.

    On this wonderful day, many of the region's wedding providers, who usually collaborate with the Le Camp Foundation, got together to give free rein to their talent:

    After a successful beauty makeover by Timotée in the Zwingli house and after putting on the magnificent dress of Douce Apparence and the splendid jewellery of Colayco, the bride and groom were photographed from all angles by our talented photographer, Raphaël. Whether near the main building, on the green amphitheatre, in the Rotunda or in the middle of the vineyards, our bride and groom found themselves in the midst of the magnificent decorations created by Mademoiselle C and Histoire de Fleurs especially for the occasion. They even had the chance to taste the wonderful wedding cake made by Confiserie Schmid.

    The photos were recently sent to us and the Fondation Le Camp is delighted to share the result, which can be viewed on our instagram account or our facebook page.

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