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Designed for sleeping accommodation, L'Orée has a dormitory for 20 people and a bedroom for 2 people.

This house is a complementary addition to other buildings.


  • 1 dormitory for up to 20 people
  • 1 bedroom for 2 people
  • 1 covered patio
  • 3 showers and 2 toilets

Overview of our prices 2023

  • Accommodation without catering
    Building Capacity Price per person per night Minimum charge Options
    Beds** Sleeping spaces* Child
    4 to 16 years
    Adult Discount for several nights Cleaning by Le Camp Bedding preparation
    Beausite 62 - 28.00 35.00 -3.00 1'400.00 320.00 5.00/pers.
    Passerelle 34 - 28.00 35.00 -3.00 730.00 230.00 5.00/pers.
    L'Orée - 22 20.00 24.00 -2.00 290.00 150.00
    Studio Zwingli 2 - 1 pers. :   60.-
    2 pers. : 100.-
    - - included 5.00/pers.
    Peupliers 27 - 28.00 35.00 -3.00 580.00 220.00 5.00/pers.

    * with individual sleeping bag
    ** with separate duvet

    Prices in CHF all tax included, subject to VAT modification.
    Additional cantonal (VD and NE) occupancy tax applies, or 1.50 CHF per night per adult.
    Daily visitor fee per person (without Accommodation / Dining): 8.00 CHF per child and 10.00 CHF per adult.

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